Egypt Weather

Egypt Weather

Regarding Egypt weather The Egyptian summer is hot and dry in many places in Egypt , with humidity in Delta area and Mediterranean coast area , now from last few years, humidity extended to Cairo,

Egypt weather cal let you  feel sweaty, especially in August, winter is mild with some rain, but generally, it’s bright, sunny days with cold nights.

Egypt Weather

Egypt weather in summer

During the summertime, sun protection is the most important single consideration for an Egypt trip, especially for the fair sensitive skinned people. Wearing a sunhat is essential. Cheap and pure cotton, sunhats are made locally and available in any place . Closes during traveling in Egypt should be light and comfortable, 100 percentage cotton clothes with light shoes highly recommended.

What distinguishes the weather of Egypt

Egypt weather is characterized by a hot season from May to October and a cool season from October to May.

The average annual temperature for Egypt weather , at the North Mediterranean coast range from maximum of 37 ° C (99 ° F) to a minimum of 14 ° C (57 ° F). While wide variety of temperature occur in the desert areas area in Egypt  from maximum of 46 ° C( 114 ° F), during daylight hours, to a minimum of 6 ° C( 42 ° F) at night. Also during winter season, sometimes temperature in desert drop to 0 ° C (32 ° F).

At North on the Mediterranean coast, the highest humidity can be found, regarding rainfall it is annual average in the Mediterranean coast is about 200 mm. Also rainfall decrease in Egypt as you go Southern; Cairo receives on average only about 29 mm of rain annually, And in parts of Egyptian deserts , it may rains only once each several years.

Egypt Weather

There are 50 days called Khamsin between March and April, At this time Egypt weather characterized by sandstorms can do sporadically, blowing in different places according to the wind direction. It is recommended to cover your head at wind times.

According to Egypt weather Winter climate (between October and May) is colder than people anticipate, and cold winds blow over the desert at morning and evening. Also it can be warm outdoor and very cold inside. During wintertime, showers can fall in many places in Egypt, so when you are coming to Egypt in winter, it is recommended to bring variety of light clothes for daytime and warm clothes for night, this will help you to adapt for any sudden change in forecast in Egypt .

Golden Egypt Tours Advise:

To avoid any sudden circumstances for Egypt weather ,For evening out, you can bring one or two dressy outfit,especially for parties, and special occasions or just to get out of your clothes that you wear during touring!

During your stay in any Egypt hotels or Egypt Nile cruise ship , you have to know that most of them have laundry service , but to not to be surprised , it is quite bit expensive , so after a long day of touring in Egypt and your clothes got sweaty , you can bring some detergents with you to wash it and sure not to forget clothing lines .

Egypt Weather

Do not forget to bring your swimming suit, as most Egypt hotels and Egypt Nile cruises ships have warm and nice swimming pool.

If you are having any of Egypt desert tours, you must have enough water with you to avoid dehydration, Mineral water bottles available everywhere with average 5 to 10 LE.

Ask your tour guide before the trip in Egypt , if there is available water during the tour or not.

To check for future Egypt weather you can visit : accuweather

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