family vacation in Egypt with children

family vacation in Egypt with children

A country that can be explored, with its many beautiful temples, Mosques, and historic sites. Park the car in a free space for free for a week, enjoy the Nile National Park or explore all that Egypt has to offer.

On a family vacation in Egypt with children, you will enjoy a comfortable trip with every family member.
Egypt is a country with typical weather, and its landmarks attract all nationalities. There is everything you want to see, whether in winters, such as Luxor and Aswan, in summers, such as the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and in cultural tourism, such as museums and other attractions.

 Family vacation in Egypt with children

Travelers from all over the world interested in Egypt’s history and significance have been wowed by the country on its own.
Traveling around this magnificent Mediterranean nation for a week is the best way to properly appreciate the Egyptian beauties, which are here to stay.

 family vacation in Egypt with children

Vacation to Egypt’s pyramids

When the expected tourists arrive in Cairo, its delegate will be waiting to aid them with the immigration process, pick up their bags, and guide them to their private chauffeur. The tourists are dropped off at the 5-star Mena House in Giza after leaving the airport. It is one of the best family vacations in Egypt for children.

Egypt tours

You will learn about the history of the Great Pyramids and their entry, the Sphinx, and the Solar Boat from your Egyptologist. The Djoser Step Pyramid is located in Saqqara, after the Great Pyramids.
In a family vacation in Egypt with children, You must remember that this day is steeped in Egyptian history. Following Saqqara, you will travel to Memphis, the birthplace of ancient Egyptian civilization. After that, you can unwind and eat lunch at one of the nearby restaurants.

 family vacation in Egypt with children

Nile Cruises

a family vacation in Egypt with children between October and April is the best time to cruise the Nile.
Prepare for intense heat around 40 °C and even hotter temperatures inside the tombs if you move to the Nile during the summer months of June to August.
A cruise will be too large and suffocating. Nile’s cruises are smaller riverboats designed for sightseeing and enjoying the scenery rather than partying.
The boats dock at various points along the Nile for guests to explore, then offer scenic cruising throughout the day, so you can also take in the scenery. Meals are usually served buffet style on board, and there is typically some sort of nightly entertainment. Not only is the Nile cruising an excellent way to travel from Luxor to Aswan.

Egyptian food

here are a few dishes you must try while in Egypt:
A popular dish is available from both restaurants and street vendors. It’s made with spaghetti noodles, macaroni, onions, garlic, lentils, and tomato and chili sauce.
Ta’meya and Ful Medames:
Tamiya is a fried fava bean falafel served with tahini and bread in Egypt. Tamiya is commonly served at all meals throughout the day. It is frequently filled with dull medames, a dish of cooked fava beans, vegetables, and spices.
Kebabs and Kofta:
Meat eaters adore Egypt’s kebabs and kofta. Kebabs are typically made with lamb or veal, whereas kofta is minced meat. Both are served grilled with salad, tahini, and bread.
Om Ali:
If you have a sweet tooth, you must try Om Ali before leaving Egypt. This sweet snack is made with puff pastry soaked in milk, nuts, raisins, coconut, and sugar before being baked.

 family vacation in Egypt with children

Luxor Aswan Abu Simbel tour

a family vacation in Egypt with children provides an incredible opportunity to visit the best historical sites in Upper Egypt. Explore the magnificent Temple of Queen Hatshepsut, where some statues are illuminated by the sun one day each year. Stroll through the Valley of Kings, where more than 60 royals, many of whom were Pharaohs and Queens, were buried, and then visit Abu Simbel.
In Abu Simbel, marvel at Ramses II’s imposing rock-cut Temples, the Aswan High Dam, the Unfinished Obelisk, and the ancient Temple of Philae.

Diving in Egypt

a family vacation in Egypt with children; Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh, and Dahab are the three main beach cities in Egypt. These provide the same activities, but each has a distinct personality. Sharm el-Sheikh is a more upscale resort town, while Hurghada is similar and a popular cruise port, and Dahab has a more laid-back boho vibe.
Whatever you choose, you’ll get some great beaches and opportunities for snorkeling, boating, and scuba diving.

A family vacation in Egypt with children.

Visitors may be surprised to learn that Egypt is one of the best places in the world to swim with wild dolphins.
The Red Sea is home to wild dolphins; however, the waters near Marsa Alam are known to be a dolphin habitat.

Religious sites Mohamed Ali Mosque:

Cairo has dozens of beautiful mosques, but from a tourist perspective, the Mohamed Ali Mosque is a definite favorite.
One of the main features of the mosque’s interior decoration is a massive clock presented to the Egyptian ruler by French King Louis Philippe. Several attempts were made to wind the clock, but it did not run. Cairo presented France with a massive ancient obelisk that had been kept there since the time of the pharaohs. The obelisk now graces the Place de la Concorde in Paris.
The inner dome’s dimensions and shape are reminiscent of Istanbul mosques. The crown is surrounded by six medallions inscribed with the names of Allah (God) and Muhammad (prophet) and the words of four khalifas – Abu Bakr, Omar, Osman, and Ali.

Saint George Church:

The Greek Orthodox Church of Saint George was built by Athanasius during the reign of Ibn Marwan, Governor of Egypt, and is mentioned in the History of the Coptic Patriarchs and by Al-Maqrizi. The church was destroyed by fire in the mid-twentieth century and later rebuilt without cupolas. The modern church has no architectural interest, but the Qa’at Al-Irsan (the Nuptial Hall), part of the complex, is a small 13th/14th-century palace measuring 15 by 12 meters. The hall features beautiful tracery and carving reminiscent of the Mameluke Period ornamentation found in some Cairo mansions.

Ben Ezra Synagogue:.

The Ben Ezra Synagogue was originally a Christian church that the Copts were forced to sell to the Jews in 882A.D. to pay the annual taxes imposed by the Muslim rulers of the time. So Abraham Ben Ezra, who came from Jerusalem during Ahmed Ibn Tulun, purchased the church for the sum of ten thousand dinars.
The Synagogue has undergone extensive restorations and renovations over the centuries. The current structure dates from 1892, following the original collapse.
It is built in the shape of a basilica (rectangle), with two floors, the first dedicated to men and the second to women. The main entrance is on the north side.

Today, the Ben Ezra Synagogue serves as a tourist site and a museum rather than an active synagogue.

The Nubian Museum in Aswan houses

Museum in Egypt

The Nubian Museum in Aswan houses approximately three thousand artifacts from various periods, and the small but fascinating Crocodile Museum at the Kom Ombo Temple, which houses mummified crocodiles, are two other museums worth visiting.
With such a rich history, it’s no surprise that Egypt has many museums brimming with artifacts. There are, however, many pieces that are not on display. As a result, the country has been working hard to build a new museum called the Grand Egyptian Museum, located near the Great Pyramids.

Make wonderful memories.
Your chauffeur will transport you to the airport and assist you until you board. No matter how often we visit Egypt, the country never grows old, and we never get bored. Egypt is safe, and the tour is a great and easy way to see this magnificent country.



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