Through our work from several years in Egypt shore excursions from several ports ,we can show you the most frequently asked questions FAQ through our travelers , in which we hope you can find reply to what is going on your mind .

What about Entry Visa to Egypt?

Many people mistakenly believe that if they are not taking their tour with the cruise line, they will have to get the entry visa to Egypt on their own. Which IS NOT true? Before entering the port, an Egyptian Immigration Officer will board the cruise; provide ALL Passengers with the stamp to enter Egypt, whether they are doing their tour with the cruise line, a private company, or even on their own! Visa is guaranteed to everyone.


Are we going to be private or joining Big Groups?

Most of our Excursions are private, you will have your private vehicle, Driver & Egyptian Guide, In case if our client asked to join Big group in order to reduce the price, we can work in his request upon availability.

We hear that security is only provided for the cruise line!! Is this correct?
Security is NOT provided by the cruise line. It is provided by the Egyptian government. The buses move in convoys for protection. There will be a guard on the bus and police/army vehicles in front and behind The Egyptian government take so much care of the tourism as it is the national source of income in Egypt. The tourist in Egypt is VIP person So the Egyptian police (not the ship) provide police cars, security, guards around all the buses This service is not by the ship or Cairo travel, it is provided for all the tourists that arrive to Egypt, make organized tours. Please note that not all countries in the middle east have problems. A lot of people confuse the countries all together; countries like Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Syria are safe places without any war or conflict going. You will always feel safe.


How do I book a tour?

By browsing through our programs and clicking book now and provide us with the details, port of arrival, program, you wish to have, passport number & cabin number.
Please note that if you desire a custom program other than those available in our website, kindly indicate so, we will be able to provide you with it. Once all details are settled, our tour operator will send you final confirmation.

you can book from here 

What about deposit?

For sea cruise shore excursions, we DO NOT NEED ANY DEPOSIT, just send your confirmation E-mail, and all payment after the excursion when you guarantee that you get what you expect.

Will I miss the cruise?

Normally Cruise lines try to make you fall under the impression that you will miss the cruise because you are booked on a private tour. We however assure you that we are will always be aware of the departure time of the cruise, and make sure you return in a suitable time. As a Guarantee, if you missed your cruise because of something related to us, we shall be responsible for your accommodation,
flight or transfer to the following port

Are there any age restrictions to participate in shore excursions?
For most excursions, there is no minimum age for children as long as they are accompanied by an adult ,but sometimes we have some recommendations , as for Safari Excursions , it will not be suitable for old people or handicaps .

How will we recognize our guide?

Your guide will be in front of the terminal exit, holding a sign of your name

How safe are your vans / vehicles? Would they break down?

We always use modern Air conditioned vans/vehicles. Yet, a flat tire or an engine breaking down is something unpredictable of course

What about children Policy ?

From 0 – 3 years free of charge
3- 12 years 50 % Discount
More than 12 years as adult
International student card have 50 % Discount just in Entrance sightseeing’s.

What about Group reservation?

Of course group’s reservation more than 15 persons will have special rates, discounts, promotions & gifts

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