It is safe to travel to Egypt

Is it safe to travel to Egypt right now

It is safe to travel to Egypt because it is the most secure country in the world. Egypt is a tourist country, so it takes care of the safety of each tourist and everyone who visits it. Experience the feeling that Egypt is his homeland.

Now we will take about what you want to know about Egypt.

 It’s safe to travel to Egypt.

You have the right to see the landmarks of the state and insist on their security for you, so be sure that they will protect you, taking into account some prohibitions so that you do not encounter any accidents.

Traveling to Egypt is safe. However, avoid large crowds and be aware of any religious or public holidays that may spark protests or civil unrest.

It is safe to travel to Egypt
It is safe to travel to Egypt

security situation:

Female solo travelers’ safety

Female visitors to Egypt may experience discomfort in some areas. While violent assault and crime are uncommon in Egypt, verbal harassment on the streets is common, and women are frequently targeted when walking alone. Female travelers, especially those traveling alone, may attract unwanted attention from men on the streets and are more likely to be followed, accosted, and sometimes assaulted. When traveling in groups of three or more, stick to well-lit streets and avoid going into the back rooms of shops where you can’t see the street.

in public areas.

It’s safe to travel to Egypt. When visiting markets, especially at night, be wary of pickpockets and petty crime, which are common in Egypt’s public spaces. Leave your valuables at home or securely locked in your hotel safe, and bring only enough cash for the day.

There are a number of scams targeting tourists in Egypt, particularly near tourist attractions such as the Pyramids of Giza. The “present” scam is one of the most common.

 vendors will give you a ‘free’ gift, sometimes with your name on it, but will demand a donation or payment, for example, for a sister’s wedding or a family grievance.

It’s safe to travel to Egypt, do not forget that.

This could be interpreted as a gesture of goodwill, but you never know—many locals will ask for baksheesh (tip) even if they just crossed the street with you, or they may take you to a restaurant.

It’s safe to travel to Egypt.

The country is developing a comprehensive plan to protect the health of the thousands of people expected to attend COP27, which will be held Nov. 6–18 in Sharm El-Sheikh, South Sinai.

According to Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar, Minister of Health and Population, the plan includes the operation of fixed and mobile clinics in quarantine facilities at airports, hotels hosting visiting delegations, and conference halls.

 lets seeing more attractions places in Egypt such as Alexandria.


Alexandrian Library

Egypt Tours in Alexandria 

Explore the Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s Museums.

The Alexandrian Library

Most visitors to Alexandria’s head straight for this modern reimagining of the ancient Great Library.

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is one of Egypt’s most significant contemporary landmarks and the city’s cultural heart.

It houses one of the most ambitious libraries in the modern world, as well as a slew of museums devoted to Alexandria’s history and heritage.

Its design is centered on a massive sun disc that presides over the waterfront Corniche. The massive main library and its reading room can hold up to eight million volumes.

The main tourist attractions for visitors, however, are the beautifully curated exhibition spaces beneath the main library.

Dive at Alexandria’s Eastern Harbor’s Underwater Ruins.

Diving in Alexandria

Eastern Port

Diving in Alexandria, unlike diving in the Red Sea,

For divers, Alexandria offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dive among the ancient city’s toppled statues and columns.

When diving in Alexandria Port, keep in mind that the underwater visibility is poor.

In recent years, the waters of this coast have provided plenty of riches for underwater archaeologists.

Archaeologists discovered the port city of Heracleion-Thonis in the bay of Aboukir to the northeast of the city and have brought many of the treasures to the surface, which is now on display in Alexandria’s museums.

The Montazah, a lush haven of tall palm trees, trimmed lawns, and blossoming flowers on the city’s eastern outskirts, was once off-limits to all but the royal court and their hangers-on.

Built-in the 1890s as a hunting lodge by Khedive Abbas Hilmi, it was later significantly expanded by King Fuad and replaced Ras el-Tin Palace as the royal family’s summer residence.

The Montazah Palace, with its ornate Florentine-inspired towers and Rococo flourishes, is not open to the public, but everyone is welcome to stroll through the sprawling gardens, which can be a welcome slice of nature after a day spent in Alexandria’s hustle.

Egypt’s Terrorism

Terrorism is a significant threat in many parts of Egypt, and the Egyptian government is fighting it every day. Though most tourist destinations are safe, you should be aware of the places you should avoid. Before traveling, make sure you are aware of all high-risk areas and conduct extensive research.

Because of ongoing terrorist activities, you must avoid the following areas at all costs and be aware of the following:

In the western desert, bordering Sudan and Libya, armed groups and bandits operate.

Terrorist attacks are reported on a regular basis in North Sinai. The North Sinai governorate is under attack in all directions, but the majority of attacks take place in the northeast corner between Al-Arish city and the Gaza border areas.

It’s safe to travel to Egypt, try to watch this in real life.

Do not worry about traveling to Egypt, even if the whole world needs security, as it has a strong focus on protecting tourists and knowing the places of danger. We hope you have a happy and comfortable trip.



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