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DELUXE Five Star LAKE NASSER Cruise On the

The Eugenie was proudly named to evoke an historic event in Egypt’s recent past: the grand opening of the Suez Canal in 1869, attended by
the crown heads of Europe including the Empress Eugenie of Austria. The completion of the Suez Canal marked Egypt’s passage into modernity, and a new era of international trade and interaction.

Likewise the Eugenie, the first ship to sail Lake Nasser, launched a new era of tourism, offering travelers fresh vistas of Egypt’s natural beauty and archeological treasures. Lake Nasser extended the boundaries of Egypt’s touristic possibilities, while the Eugenie reminds us of this ancient country’s endless capacity for renewal.

The M.S. Eugenie was constructed in 1993 in the style of a turn-of-the-century Nile steamship. It is taken out of service every Summer for maintenance and renovation keeping the quality of the ship similiar to when it was first built. It is 242 feet long, with just 52 cabins measuring 228 square feet and two luxurious suites, the Suite De Maria which measures 456 square feet and is located on the upper deck and the incredible Suite Imperatrice which measures over 1000 square feet and is located at the front of the upper deck with a private balcony that runs the width of the ship. Both suites have one king bed. Each cabin and suite has private bathroom with shower, washbasin, w.c. and hairdryer.

All cabins are twin bedded, however, the twin beds can be combined into one king bed upon request.

The upper deck has 22 twin-bedded cabins each with a private balcony. Upper deck cabins can only be guaranteed with payment of an additional surcharge.

The main deck has 20 twin bedded cabins, also with private balcony and two single bedded cabins with private balconies.

The lower deck has 8 twin bedded cabins without balconies, these are the only cabins that can be used for triple occupancy (Suites may also be used for triple occupancy).

DELUXE Five Star LAKE NASSER Cruise On the

The M/S Kasr Ibrim was named after the ancient citadel on Lake Nasser, the only Nubian monument that still exists in its original location. The Kasr Ibrim citadel, standing on a high bluff overlooking the river valley, was adapted to suit the needs of its diverse occupants throughout the ages. Likewise, the M/S Kasr Ibrim provides an epic setting for international travelers, while commemorating the citadel as an enduring link with Egypt’s distant past.

Service is thoughtful and friendly; the cuisine is superb. Each day we anchor beside one of Lake Nasser’s historic sites, where a launch will take you ashore to explore.

The Kasr Ibrim’s interiors blend whimsical art deco motifs with modern elegance and comfort. Relax in the ship’s spacious and beautifully appointed lounge areas, its restaurant or bars. On deck you will find a shaded area, a mosaic-lined swimming pool and deckchairs to make the most of Lake Nasser’s glorious scenery. Kasr Ibrim’s facilities also include a sauna, a steam bath dressed in old marble, exercise equipment, and a state-of-the-art water filtration system. The ship is fully air-conditioned.

The M/S Kasr Ibrim was launched in September 1997. The ship is 256 feet long, with just 55 cabins for maximal comfort, and 10 luxurious suites. The interior décor reflects the Art Deco style of the 1920’s.

The ship’s fifty-five spacious cabins measure 245 square feet each with an ensuite bathroom (bath, shower, washbasin, w.c. and hairdryer). There are seven 312 square feet Junior suites; two 635 square feet Royal suites and one 1500 square feet Imperial suite (all ten suites have bathrooms with jacuzzi, shower, washbasin, w.c. and hairdryer).

The executive deck has 12 twin-bedded cabins, each with a private balcony. Executive deck cabins are available at an additional surcharge per cabin and per night.

The upper deck has 18 twin-bedded cabins each with a private balcony. A guaranteed allocation to one of the upper deck cabins is available at an additional surcharge per cabin and per night.

The main deck has 18 twin-bedded cabins each with a private balcony.

The lower deck has 7 twin bedded cabins without balconies.

Triple occupancy is only allowed in the suites and the lower deck cabins.

If you are interested in a suite please contact us for more information on pricing and suite location. If you have a preference you can select your specific suite on starboard or port side and on the executive, upper or main deck. Although specific suite prices can change, in general the least expensive junior suites are about 30% more then a standard cabin.


The Movenpick M/S Prince Abbas was awarded the “Best Floating Vessel on Lake Nasser” in 2007 by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

This Deluxe Five Star Lake Nasser Cruiser features 43 spacious and well-appointed standard cabins measuring approximately 225 square feet, 18 junior suites measuring approximately 325 square feet and 4 royal suites measuring approximately 430 square feet. All cabins have an en-suite shower and individually controlled air-conditioning and a choice of one double or two twin beds.

Cabin facilities include hairdryer, television, internal telephone, safe deposit box, and a mini-bar. Each cabin has comfortable seating and panoramic windows. Royal suites are additionally equipped with DVD player and large living room area, which enables them to be used for triple occupancy. 24 hour reception and a souvenir shop are located on the main deck. Laundry and room service is also available. All cabins aboard the Movenpick M/S Prince Abbas are nonsmoking cabins.

The Movenpick M/S Prince Abbas prides itself on the quality of imaginative gastronomy and the expansive stylish restaurants offer fine dining in the true tradition. The main restaurant, the Robaeyat, is located below the main deck, accommodating up to 140 people on tables of six or eight. International cuisine and local specialties are prepared by the chef from the freshest ingredients. A spacious Oriental lounge/Royal lounge bar is situated on the salon deck with a shaded canopied area. One of the most popular outlets on the Prince Abbas, with a comfortable capacity for 140 people, the lounge has been specifically designed as the perfect venue for afternoon tea, cocktails or digestives as well as dancing and entertainment in the evening. On the bridge deck, the greenery room is ideal for small group breakfast, while the sun deck serves coffee, tea, refreshing drinks and a variety of snacks.

The sun deck of the Prince Abbas offers a refreshing plunge pool and a whirlpool, chaise lounges for sun worshippers, a shaded seating area as well as a bar. A large library can be found on the bridge deck where you can enjoy a good book in a peaceful atmosphere or simply admire the magnificent scenery. There is also a gymnasium on board.

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