reasons to visit egypt

reasons to visit egypt

Reasons to visit Egypt can help you plan a comfortable and exciting trip.

We are always searching for the cheapest trip with the best price too, so Egypt is the perfect choice for you.

Come to Egypt to see the main source of beauty.

 reasons to visit egypt

family trip to egypt is the best, with its history, culture, pleasure and friendly people.

Through your trip, you have to gather all the knowledge about Egypt and reasons to visit Egypt. Let’s read now.

reasons to visit egypt

Best Places to Visit in egypt

Beaches in the sun

reasons to visit egypt, which is home to both the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea, has beaches that can easily compete with the best in the world. Even in the dead of winter, it’s never too cold to lounge on the Red Sea’s white sand beaches and soak up the rays.

vacation to egypt pyramid

There are numerous reasons to visit Egypt, including the fact that it is the world’s last remaining ancient wonder.It’s incredible that you can get so close to it at around 4500 years old, but you can. Its surrounding pyramids and sphinx are equal.

It is truly impressive, and it truly deserves to be on everyone’s bucket list.

reasons to visit egypt

scuba diving in egypt prices

Scuba diving is an activity. Big Brother and Small Brother are two small islands. 

They’re famous for their pristine coral and shark encounters. If you dive into Big Brother, you will come across Aida II, a 75-meter wreck that crashed in 1957. 

The wreck is located on a slant between 25 and 65 metres deep and is covered in coral.

The best feature of this island is the stunning crystal clear water, which provides a clear underwater view. 

If you want to photograph the entire activity, you will encounter the large-lipped Napoleon Wrasse. 

At a depth of 12 metres, there is another century-old wreck called Numidia, which is surrounded by white-tipped reef sharks, hammerheads, and a train carriage with large wheels.

Marsa Alam’s Elphinstone Reef

 The reef is 80 metres long and 25 metres deep. It has a steep wall and is surrounded by strong currents, making it ideal for drift driving. 

You will float past fan corals and anthers during the dive. Divers can encounter oceanic white-tipped reef sharks and hammerheads at Elphinstone Reef.

 In addition, you will see dolphins and tiger sharks. 

The reef is located 20 minutes by boat from the shore of Marsa Alam and was named one of the top diving sites.

It is preferable to plan your diving schedule ahead of time.


the Ancient Egyptian religion

reasons to visit Egypt. is what most people think of when they think of Egypt, but the country is also extremely important to the Abrahamic religions. You can also follow the Holy Family’s journey from the Sinai Peninsula to mainland Egypt and back.

 luxor aswan abu simbel tour

 reasons to visit egypt, The city is known as “the world’s largest open-air museum” because it was built on the ruins of Thebes, an ancient Egyptian city.

There are dozens of temples and historical monuments in the city built on the Nile River’s banks. After the pyramids, the Karnak temples in this city are the most visited sites in Egypt.

reasons to visit egypt

 The Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is the most well-known desert in the world. You can either walk or take a 44 minute ride on this snack. The sandboard is another exciting activity you can try.

 Abu Simbel Temple

reasons to visit egypt is abu simbel, is located in southern Egypt and was built by Pharaonic II. It is one of Ramses’ most important ancient temples. II.

Ramses built these temples to demonstrate their power to their enemies and to express their love for Nefetari, their favourite. In addition, the rocks were carved and finished in 20 years.

One of the most intriguing features is that it is designed to face the sun on Ramses’ birthday (June 21st) at the time of the worship stone.

reasons to visit egypt

 Egyptian cuisine

reasons to visit egypt, Egyptian cuisine may not be widely known outside of Egypt, but it is a national treasure among Egyptians. Our popular fuul, taameya (Egyptian falafel), and koshary are all inexpensive, nutritious, and vegan-friendly. And if you like meat, our grills are unrivalled.

sightseeing tours in cairo egypt

A Nile cruise is one of the best things to do in Egypt and a must-do during any Egypt vacation. There are dozens of options, making it affordable for a variety of budgets, not to mention a fun and relaxing way to travel.

For those who have never cruised before or are concerned about a cruise being too large and suffocating, fear not. Nile cruises are smaller river boats that are intended for sightseeing and relaxing rather than partying. The boats dock at various points along the Nile for guests to explore, then offer scenic cruising throughout the day so you can take in the scenery as well. Meals are prepared on board.

reasons to visit egypt

Tourism is a major source of revenue for the Egyptian economy. The number of foreign tourists visiting Egypt each year is decreasing after reaching a peak between 2010 and 2012.

Following the Egyptian revolution in 2011, the number of tourists has gradually declined, reaching 8 million in 2017, up from 5.4 million in 2016.

Egypt is a candidate to become a rising tourism region after gradually overcoming difficulties in the tourism sector.



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