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Egypt sightseeing is the wonderful experience  of the glorious antiquity of past time and modern era. Egypt is one  among the very few countries in the world that has many cities with so much historic value. Visitors are not only attract by the historical places which belong to  Pharaonic monuments or the Pyramids  but they are amazed by the ancient cities of this wonderful  world also stimulate travelers to make a trip.

Egypt offers a wealth of cultural activities and is therefore a popular destination for tourists. Golden Egypt Tours helps you find the best sights to visit. Here are the best arts and cultural events, landmarks and tourist attractions in Egypt sorted by the preferences of our community.

Among the Egypt sightseeing, the Temple of Karnak was once the religious center for excellence in Egypt, especially when there is focused the cult of Amon and how could it be otherwise, is behind the Pyramids the most visited site in Egypt but of course with other site of ancient Thebes. Places like the Temple of Luxor, built in two stages, first by Amenhotep III and continued by Rameses II and is attached to the Temple of Karnak by a careful way by Sphinxes. It was a place of worship where they were located several shrines and even today has a small mosque.

There is the Valley of the Queens and the Valley of the Kings, places where several pharaohs were buried especially the New Kingdom and its value is largely symbolic for the visitor though history buffs will find this an interesting place to explore. Anoter site is very interesting to visit Abu Simbel, a set of two temples ordered built by Ramses II and are among the best preserved of all Egypt. “Pure Mountain” as its name suggests, are part of the Open Air Museum of Nubia and Aswan, one of the most visited sites with the above mentioned.

Visit Egypt sightseeing with affordable price, you can explore Egypt sightseeing according to pace. We can also provide you  a private vehicle, driver and Egyptologist Guide during the tour to Egypt. We offer sightseeing tours that cover every part from North to South , East to West of the Egypt.

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