Things to do in marsa alam1

Things to do in marsa alam

Things to do in marsa alam, A city in South Sinai that I would like you to find in its features, with friendly people and many sports for fun and resting.

Things to do in marsa alam

Tourism in the picturesque nature of Egypt is the right place and Marsa Alam is your choice.things to do in marsa alam, You can easily locate such a location because the city represents paradise beaches for water sports. Kite surfing is suitable for beginners. You don’t have to be an expert to perform stunning moves on the water; simply follow simple instructions and you’ll have a great time and a joyful experience. You can also go on a sea fishing excursion and relax. Unlike other seas, Marsa Alam’s Sea is warm, calm, and teeming with fish all year.

Marsa Moubark ( National Park)

Marsa Moubark ( National Park)

things to do in marsa alam, Take a boat trip to Marsa Mubarak, which is regarded as one of the most beautiful snorkeling and diving spots in the Marsa Alam area. During this tour, you will be able to explore the protected bay of Marsa Mubarak, which features some of the most beautiful coral reefs and underwater seascapes in the Red Sea. This site’s crystal clear warm water is home to a diverse array of flora and fauna. If you’re lucky, you might even see the endangered Dugong “sea cow,” which visits this sheltered bay to graze on the seagrass.

Things to do in marsa alam

Desert quad bike safari in the morning

things to do in marsa alam, Experience the incredible nearby desert while quad biking in Marsa Alam. Drive through the region’s beautiful mountains and get a glimpse of real Bedouin life. Don’t forget to sip some sweet Bedouin tea while admiring the breathtaking scenery; additionally, you can ride camels in the desert.

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Port Ghalib at night

things to do in marsa alam, Have a great night at the Port Ghalib Marina which is full of restaurants, bars, bistros and parties. You can also shop and buy great souvenirs from the shops there. If you want to visit an elegant café or a traditional restaurant, all your needs will be catered for. You can also enjoy a romantic evening at the marina with a great view of the amazing Red Sea.


things to do in marsa alam, Take a trip to El Qulan Mangrove forest which is famous for the awe-inspiring wonders of the famous mangrove trees in the water. Enjoy the most beautiful crystal clear waters and stunning ocean views while taking the best pictures in the shallow waters with stunning trees.

Diving trip in Sharm El Luli

things to do in marsa alam, Explore the white sand beaches and underwater coral reefs of Sharm El Luli. Sharm El Luli or Ras Hankorab is famous for its pristine white sandy beaches and 50 degrees of blue water. This is the perfect place to put on your snorkeling gear and get straight into the water from the rock-free beaches. After two minutes of diving, you will enter an amazing underwater forest.

Things to do in marsa alam1

Abu Dabbab Beach Snorkeling Tour

Abu Dabbab Beach is famous for being home to the endangered manatees, also known as “dugongs”. Only seven of them live in the waters of the Red Sea, and you can see two of them in Abu Dabbab. In addition, it has a sandy beach with clear and warm waters. As mentioned, the beach is home to a variety of colorful fish, green turtles and endangered dugongs. Whether you are not a diver or even a snorkel, you can still enjoy clean and tidy beaches.

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Al Nayzak

It is a natural pool that residents of Marsa Alam believe was formed by a shooting star, hence the name “Al Nayzak,” which is an Arabic word for a meteorite. It has the shape of an eye and is filled with the turquoise, beautiful blue waters of the Red Sea. It has long been one of the most popular tourist destinations for people of all nationalities. It is known for its pure deep water and, more importantly, its isolation from sea currents, which makes diving very safe, especially in the winter.

Port Ghalib

things to do in marsa alam, You are an excellent choice if you want to explore life off the beaten track in Marsa Alam. This 7-hour tour will take you on a guided sunset excursion to a nearby village where you can learn about Bedouin culture and ride a camel. Includes training and practice time to learn how to ride a quad bike, as well as a delicious desert dinner.


Port Ghalib, 5 kilometers from the city’s international airport, has the most popular shops and souvenir stores. It is teeming with gift shops and bazaars selling Egyptian products and Bedouin-style materials that will serve as an excellent souvenir of your visit. Egyptian cottons, small statues, pharaonic antiques, and Arabic-style jewelry are available. During your shopping tour, stop by any of the local cafes to enjoy Arabian Arabian coffee and shisha. We recommend that you include El Quseir in your shopping tour. It is a historical town dating back to the pharaohs with tourist areas brimming bazaars.

Why spend hours thinking about what to do in Marsa Alam?

As you explore this new area, you will be overwhelmed with possibilities. Set off on foot to learn about the area on a more personal level. Find the perfect souvenir in a smaller store, or reinvent your entire artistic aesthetic in your new favorite gallery.

Does the wind whisper advice in your head?

Rent a car and drive it out of the city into the wilderness over there. Explore small towns across the border and learn the stories behind them. Visit an amusement park and make your childhood memories disappear as they melt in your mouth. Stop for an artisan jam on a forgotten highway, or lose yourself in the orderly chaos of a modern metropolis and immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Your options are endless – and so are the adventures ahead of you.
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