Pyramids tours in Egypt

Why Us?

Here are the top reasons that let you book through us.

Experience staff in travel career.

All our staff experience from several years, with background of the culture of various nationalities, they know well about every place in Egypt, as they work in the most of popular sites and cities in Egypt, so they can advice what to visit, also what to avoid depends upon your request and what you expect from your vacation, so you can rely on our team in preparing the most appropriate travel package suiting your taste within your budget. They offer you their service in every step on the way to guarantee you the most enjoyable holiday possible.

Best value for Money.

Through us you are not just save money, but also save time. In the middle of our fast-paced life, many travelers find it hard to sacrifice long time searching for the most suitable travel package with regard to their holiday period and budget. As an expert tour provider, We deal with this issue by designing tour packages and programs to satisfy all our travelers’ trends. In our customized packages and programs, we considered the financial factor and how it is reflected on the travel distance, number of days, and stay locations.
Also as one of the most credible tourism companies, we often get the best deals and prices. This in return enables us to offer you special prices and guarantees you enjoyable trips.

Quality before Quantity

Travelers’ satisfaction has always been our driving force to discover and search for new ways to improve our tour packages. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality to our travelers all the way. We have lived with the belief that the quality of services takes the priority over the quantity of travelers we may serve. We have the ability to give special consideration for each and every traveler.

Always Available and Easy to reach

With us, you don’t have to worry about time zone differences. You can reach us 24/7 through all possible channels, portal, mail, phone, or fax. Also, we would be delighted if you visit our office for face-to-face holiday planning. Our office opens from Sunday till Thursday from 9 am to 5:30 pm. From the initial holiday planning till the finest detail of your trip, we would be there for help.

Private guided tours and package tours

Our package tours are the least expensive. They cover various sites whether ancient like Luxor, Aswan and Upper Egypt; religious like the Islamic mosques, Coptic sites like the route of the holy family; recreational like Sharm Al-Sheikh and Hurghada. These tours usually include a well-trained guide. For tourists who seek privacy, we offer personal and customized tours. Tailored occasion packages like weddings, honeymoons, and even group travels are also our specialty. If you can’t find your best holiday option from our packages, we will tailor a private holiday package that suites your needs.

Every family member can find his needs.

In our tour selections and packages, each family member receives a special treatment. Adults enjoy diving and surfing, safaris, evening entertainment programs, etc. On the other hand, children enjoy kids’ parties, competitions, parks, pools and water games, etc. Knowing that enjoyment can’t be achieved without ensuring child and old people’s safety, we offer special treatment for them. For old people, we can provide the best and most suitable transport facilities for them. A well-trained tour guides can take care of old people during your trip and avoid all kinds of medical problems.

We work only with the best

Seeking highest quality service necessitates working with the best tourism service providers. Out of this belief, We conduct surveys and analysis to select the best hotels, Nile cruises, beaches, fleet companies, etc. Our partners are always aligned with our travelers’ desires if not exceeding their expectations.

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